Celebrating the URC 50th Jubilee

Sunday 26th June, St James’ Morning Service was led by Madeline Russell, and based on the URC Jubilee.  Instead of meeting upstairs in the Worship Area, we met in the Hall, sitting around 7 tables, one for each of the letters in JUBILEE.

Each table was asked to think of something for which they gave thanks, and this formed our Prayer of Thanksgiving.  So we gave thanks for each new morning and the sun rising to light our lives; for sunny days and flowers, and health, friends and family; for being able to meet together; for belonging to God’s family wherever we are; and for the freedoms we enjoy including from want and persecution.

Each table coloured in a letter from the word JUBILEE, and also wrote down words
associated with ‘their’ letter. These included:
J Joy, Jubilation, Justice, Jerusalem and Jesus
U URC, Universal church, Unity, Umbrella and Understanding
B Bible, Blessings, Belief, Baptism, Belonging, and Breaking Bread Together
I Inspiration, Imagination, Inclusiveness, Individuals, and Intelligence
L Love, Learning, Laughter, Listening, Life and Living
E Easter, Energy, Evangelism, Environment and Embracing
E Everyone, Everywhere, Equality, Encouraging, Eternal and Everlasting
We also had a Quiz from the URC Jubilee Pack, along with some local questions
based on St James’s, including the fact that there has been a Church on our site for
333 years – a third of a Millennium!

Certainly a time of Celebration, Commemoration and Creating, which the congregation enjoyed as they shared ideas and worshipped together.

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