Our Policies

Policies and Procedures

At St James’s we do everything we can to follow best practice in our policies and procedures; following legal requirements, guidelines and codes of practice.

Below is a list of our various policies and procedures. These are annually reviewed by the Policy Group and approved by the Elders. If you would like to know more or read a copy of any of these, please contact the Web Manager via our Contact page.

–              Health and Safety Policy

–              Safeguarding Policy

–              Privacy Policy – website, see under Privacy policy

–              Data Privacy Statement

–              Lone Working Policy and Procedures

–              Equalities Policy

–              Complaints and Comments Policy

–              Cash Handling Policy and procedures

–              Reserves Policy

–              Animals on Premises Policy

–              Wifi Policy  – Guest use

–              Social Media and Communication Policy

–              Infant Feeding Policy

–              Environmental Policy

–              Conditions of Hire