Rooms for Community Use

In line with our aim to support our local community, we provide the following rooms for hire:

The Sanctuary – located on the upper floor.                                         
Though the primary purpose is for worship, weddings and funerals, it is also available for concerts, drama, workshops, conferences and similar events.
The Sanctuary itself will seat up to 150 people and is flexible in its layout. It contains an electronic organ, a moveable digital piano and audio/visual display facilities.
The Sanctuary Extension – just outside and linked to the Sanctuary, is small but suitable for compact displays.

The Main Hall – located downstairs, is a large space that can be used for meetings. It is licenced for up to 150 people but with comfortable seating for 100. It will also accommodate activities for children and young people – including uniformed organisations – and other, informal and recreational events. The wooden floor makes it suitable for dancing.

The Kitchen – located just off the hall, with hatch-access, is new and fully-equipped, providing facilities for full catering or light refreshments.

The Embleton Room – on the ground floor, is suitable for smaller meetings, holding up to 30 people.
Further information
– Access and facilities for disabled people are provided throughout the building and include a lift to the upper level.
– All halls and rooms have a loop system for the hard of hearing.
– We also offer a safe feeding environment for babies. 
– Any of these rooms can be hired separately or in combination.

To ensure clarity of hire conditions, we provide Standard Conditions of Hire to all clients – a copy of this document can be found

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