Local Church Links

St James’s is part of Christians Together in Alnwick – an association of churches in Alnwick and Shilbottle, expressing our Christian faith in fellowship and shared action. Click on logo for link.

Local and National Charity Support

St James’s congregation supports charitable organisations with their time and giving throughout the church year.

Reduced hall hire rates are offered to charities.

The Wood Legacy – A generous legacy in 2018 has enabled us to support many charities and projects to honour the benefactor’s wishes.

We regularly support the work of:

Christian Aid – We support the work of Christian Aid, especially during Christian Aid Week and in prayer throughout the year. Click on logo for link.

Traidcraft – is the UK’s leading fair trade organisation and is dedicated to fighting poverty through trade. A goods stall is held each month in our hall after church. Click on logo for link.

Bible Society – The Bible Society works hard at home and in key areas across the world to enable people to access the Scriptures. They take the Bible and find ways to translate and distribute it, create digital formats, advocate for its place in society and help people relate to and make sense of it in their everyday lives. Click on logo for link.

Commitment for Life – is the United Reformed Church’s global justice programme.

Commitment for Life is a way in which local congregations are enabled to participate in actions for justice around the world. Commitment for Life belongs to every congregation. Click on logo for link.

Igniteis a Christian charity based in Alnwick, Northumberland. We have a strong focus on youth and schools work, striving to serve our local community with love and action. “Inspiring faith, releasing potential and empowering action”

We believe that all young people should be encouraged to think about spiritual matters while recognising that they need the space to make their own choices as to what to believe.

We desire to raise the aspirations of young people and facilitate their healthy and full development.

We wish to help young people become active in the community and develop into mature and responsible citizens.

We are supported by many committed volunteers including local church leaders, young leaders, parents and grandparents. Jessica McArdle is our Youth and Schools Worker. Her contact details can be found here.

Community@NE66 – was founded in January 2017  and is a Community and Youth Development Project based at  the Alnwick Community Centre in Alnwick Northumberland.  The organisation recognises that both individual and community well being is underpinned by healthy relationships, whether these are with oneself, family members, partners, peers or the wider community. Community and Youth Work focuses on the promotion of healthy relationships. Click on logo for link.

West End Refugee Service – This service grew out of response of West End URC Church to the needs of asylum seekers who were sent to live in the Newcastle area as part of the governments dispersal scheme in the 1990’s. Click on logo for link.

People’s Kitchen – Thanks to one woman’s principles and determination, The People’s Kitchen has been supporting the homeless and disadvantaged in the Newcastle area since 1985. Click on logo for link.

Alnwick District Food Bank – Alnwick District Food Bank serves the community from Coquetdale in the west to the Coast in the east with a completely volunteer-led team seeking to meet the essential food needs of disadvantaged individuals and families.

Click on logo for link.