Wooler and Milfield – Our March Walk

Despite the gloomy weather forecast we had a perfect day for exploring 2 areas.
We arrived at Wooler Common in dribs and drabs as they were re-surfacing the
single track road! From the carpark we just followed the tarmac path as it wound
around past trees beginning to green, bird feeders and bird boxes past a pond. We
made a small diversion to a sheep stell – a circular enclosure where sheep could
shelter or be herded. This one is now named Sheila’s Stell, and is a delightful but
simple memorial garden with lovely spring flowers and a camelia. Little plaques
recorded the names of special people who are no longer with us. There were more
by some of the trees and on the many benches. The effect was one of peace and
beauty and reflection on those who have been special in others’ lives. Lots of bird
song surrounded us and we watched a toad in the pond.
From here we moved on to Milfield and parked at the Café. We also picked up
another walker on his way back to Fife who fancied a gentle walk to the Maelmin
Heritage reconstruction site. The photo shows us at the Henge. Were there no
trees behind us you would be able to see Yeavering Bell, and they are of a similar
date, around 2000 BC. Henges began with an earth wall surrounding the site, and
later wooden poles were added, sometimes replaced with stones. As with all henges
their positioning was linked to the sun’s position at the solstices. We then walked on
to a early 5 th century wooden hut with a thatched roof, which would have had an
open fire in the centre. Sometimes these were rectangular or else circular. Both the
Henge and Hut have been erected based on originals in the Milfield area The car
park here also has a very moving War Memorial to airmen from the RAF and
Canadian Airforce who had been based at RAF Milfield.
Milfield Café offers an excellent range of food and we all thoroughly enjoyed our
meal, including our extra walker. It was also so good to have Linda with us again.

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