Another perfect day for our Warkworth walk. We met by the River Coquet and
walked downstream to the bridges. I always remember George Hood here, as it was
his brother who was involved in the design and construction of the ‘new’ bridge.
We crossed the road and walked up the little pathway between the houses and their
gardens that comes out by the Sun Inn. This must be a very old right of way as it
cuts through between the Warkworth Bondagers gardens on either side of the path.
In places it is easy to see how long these gardens are, and how well cared for the
majority are. Right at the end is a wonderful one with its livestock – chickens, goats
and a bee hive. Obviously these were originally there to support the families living in
the houses on the right hand side of the main street running up to the Castle.
After crossing the road we walked along the river side of the Castle and then over
the fields to Watershaugh roads. More gardens to enjoy! Turning right we walked
downhill and then, thanks to Jolande, took an excellent left hand path leading us
down to the Waterworks Road. Continuing down to the River we heard and then
saw a woodpecker – always a joy.
From the crossing to the Hermitage we walked downstream, enjoying the sight of a
pair of goosanders, a heron, and numerous mallard, with the drakes looking very
handsome with their iridescent green necks. With everything so still, the reflections
in the river were most beautiful.
The Mason’s Arms did us proud. For some it was a new eating place, while the
‘oldies’ enjoyed being back here.

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