A group of 10 walkers assembled on a beautiful sunny, crisp morning at the High
Buston lane car park. After crossing the A1068 we walked back in the direction of
Hipsburn to reach the lane down to Waterside House. We met a visitor to the area,
Viv, who asked us for directions, but stayed with the party to enjoy our walk with us.
At the bottom by the cottages our rather muddy path took us due south, emerging at
the now-disused parking area by the old guano storage buildings. A clear path took
us across in the direction of the old chapel and Church Hill. Here there was time for
a brief look at this historic ruin and our usual group photo before a short steep, rather
slippy path up to St Cuthbert’s Cross which can be seen from so many directions.
The spectacular panoramic views delighted us and photos were duly taken. We
made our way carefully back down the way we came and had a brief sighting nearby
of a lone oyster catcher with its plaintive cry on the marsh. A rocky track led us back
to the main road and our cars. It was interesting to see a small group of wintering
Whooper swans were still in the field to the side after several weeks; this was
obviously a good source of food for them.
Unfortunately, due to the cold snowy spell of weather, our lunch destination at the
Foxton Golf Club was temporarily closed, so by popular request, we returned to the
Masons’ Arms at Warkworth.

Peter Hignett

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