Each year I try and come up with a slightly different angle on our Remembering.  2022 I was inspired by Joan’s reflections on the tree being  a symbol of life and that November is very much a month of Remembering – All Saints and All Souls as well as Remembrance Day. 


In Junior Church we reflected on a paraphrased version of Ecclesiasticus, chapter 44.  This is one of the books in the Apocrypha, books not considered quite up to inclusion in  the Old Testament, but still of value.  It is one of the Wisdom books, along with Proverbs and Ecclesiastes , both in the Old Testament.  

Joan had already shared stories of Holy Troublemakers who were not happy with the Status Quo.  Richard suggested that the football player Marcus Rashford was a modern day Holy Troublemaker because of his concern for children on free school meals.

We also thought personal interests handed down from parents or grandparents.  Suggested activities included knitting, gardening, walking and  a knowledge of plants.  Then there are all the people whose lives inspired us.  As we have been given the gift of Memory we are able to remember these and give thanks.

Over coffee, people were encouraged to write a special memory on a leaf.  At this time of year leaves, once tiny buds promising new life, then a vibrant  green absorber of carbon dioxide,  are now at the end of their lives.  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes,  just like us. 

Our memories are a special gift.  Let us treasure them.  

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