Our July walk was a great success, despite the route Madeline chose for our return! Four of
us had enjoyed this walk in July 2018 so much that it was requested for this year. Nor did it
disappoint with its repeat of amazing weather.
From Clennel Hall we walked up the valley and then headed off on a narrow track : 1 mile to
Old Rookland. I think we all felt it was a long mile! Eventually we spotted the trees around
the ruined house. A convenient old grassy wall gave us something to sit on for our lunch.
Several black face sheep and their lambs rather hoped for something to eat too! Amazingly
the mature trees had survived Storm Arwen, while a Rowan growing out of the front wall
From here we walked down and crossed the tiny burn and up a definite sheep track the
other side – I think most of us lost our footing at least once! We were all glad to get on to a
better track the other side of the wall. We followed this round past a Hill Fort and back
down to Clennel.
Last time the 4 of us had then much enjoyed an afternoon tea sitting outside the Hall by the
beautiful grounds. Mine host regretted that he could only offer us cups of tea or coffee.
However, when this came it was accompanied by shortbread fingers, chocolate
marshmallow teacakes and some little apple pies! A true feast!
A perfect day out, and it was great to have Scarlett, Richard and their parents with us to
lower the average age! The link below gives more information about Old Rookland.



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