He is risen! He is risen indeed.

Easter was a particularly special time at St James’s this year – our minister Joan’s last one. Her Maundy Thursday Communion service was very well received by the small number who attended. Good Friday service in the Market Square was taken by Joan as worshipped in the open air with our friends from the other churches in the town as part of Christians Together in Alnwick.

Easter Day began with the sound of bells- all shapes and size rang out in the church as the minister entered the sanctuary and as we all sang Alleluia! Communion was served and a joyous celebration of the risen Christ on such a the sunny, glorious morning.

Coffee was served in the hall with eggs and biscuits made by the young people during worship. A most enjoyable time was had by all who attended. It was great to see visiting families from a number of church regular members too.

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