Geology for Geriatrics

Our September Walk

In a week of rain and generally overcast weather, we were truly blessed for our walk.
It was a perfect day of sunshine, clear skies, a blue sea with gentle waves and
wonderfully empty sandy beaches. The Northumberland Riviera! Alan even went for
a swim!
We drove down through Low Steads Farm below Longhoughton, and parked above
the beach. From here we walked northwards along the coastal track to Howick
Haven and down to the beach. Sandra and Hazel told us about the fresh water
spring in the sandstone – an amazing sight. Lovely fresh water with a very slight iron
We walked along the sand and over the rocky bits between Howick and Sugar
Sands and Howdiemont Sands, some finding it easier than others. The rocks were
amazing – black whinstone polished smooth by years of wear by the sea and sand,
sandstone slabs that formed steps to walk up, across and down, ancient wet layers
of dark mud turned to rock strata over the years, and sometimes with pebbles stuck
into the ‘mud’, a seam of dark red liver coloured iron, a seam of limestone with the
white flowers of Grass of Parnassus growing on the hillside. So much to see and
marvel at.
At the south end of Howdiemont Sands, some of us then walked on to Boulmer while
others went back to the cars and drove round. Lunch was at the FBI – Fishing Boat
Inn, where the 17 of us were well fed and looked after. Another great walk.
Although none of us think we are Geriatrics, we did have a few hip and knee
replacements among the group! However, the Howick beach is very accessible and
has a fascinating wealth of Geology. If anyone felt they were a Geriatric and wanted
to see some of our coastal Geology this would be an excellent spot to visit!

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