Cuddy’s Cave : July 2023

Despite the initial dampness, the six of us set off from Swinhoe Farm hoping that the
weather would improve, and sure enough it did. Our track took us through some mature
mixed woodland with a small lake with 2 swans at the far end. All along the track were
huge stacks of felled logs, mostly pine or, but also beech. Some keen eyes spotted bird
and squirrel feeders as well as various nesting boxes.
It was dry by the time we came to leave the woods, and follow the track across open fields
of sheep and cattle. Fortunately the cows and their calves were the other side of the
fence. Our path took us on up to the sandstone escarpment with views across to the
Cheviots or back towards the coast. After negotiating a wooden fence – the stile had been
removed – we followed a track through the pines down to St Cuthbert’s Cave. We spent a
bit of time looking at the various signatures and dates on the rocks. Sandra found her
father-on-law’s from his childhood, while Jennifer couldn’t remember exactly where her’s
We then sat in the sunshine, listening to the gentle movement of the pines, watching the
martins swooping around, while fluffy cotton wool clouds drifted across the blue sky. A
perfect place for our picnic. We returned back up the hill and over the same fence –
experienced fence climbers by now! After going down the hill we then took a different
track diagonally back towards the farm. Some curious bullocks, or stirks, followed us
across ‘their’ field, but apart from hearing their heavy breathing down the backs of our
necks we were fine, if relieved to get through the gate and on to the track leading straight
down to the farm.
Back at the cars there was a loud rumble of thunder to our left and extremely black clouds.
However we avoided the downpour though we could see it heading east towards the
coast. Another lovely walk, more wonderful views, good companionship and chat.
On our last walk at Cocklawburn, the beach is well known for its fossil ‘beads’, also known
as Cuddy’s Beads. Part of this July walk took us along part of St Cuthbert’s Way.

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