April Walk in Belford

Although some of us had done this walk before it is still a lovely one.  As it was holiday time, we had all the Cartwright family which was a bonus, as well as others here on holiday, so we were 16 in all!  The regular advance parties were already there when we arrived, finishing their coffees.

Our walk started by going through Belford – so much bigger than it once was – and then on across an old track running south, parallel with the A1.  From here one can see across to the sea, and enjoy the wide skies.  It was good to see a new hedge had been planted, mostly blackthorn and hawthorn, but also willow, hazel and holly.  The wildlife will come to appreciate its diversity.

After crossing a small burn we continued across a field with sheep and lambs.  Richard and Scarlett were puzzled by the ewes leading their lambs away from us.  “But we’re not going to hurt them!”  Then there was the lamb that took a long time to find its mum, as we listened to the ewe’s encouraging calling until they were together again.  It is easy to take these things for granted, so it was good to be reminded of the parent bond.

The next woodland included one fallen tree that needed climbing over, but then it was straight down to the old A1 and back to Sunnyhills, past an old Toll House.   Those of us who stayed much enjoyed our lunch, thanks to the Sunnyhills staff who managed to fit us in.  Another good day!

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